Acupuncture Rejuvenation


Most patients are amazed at the glow and firmness in their skin after only one treatment!

How does it work?
The style of facial rejuvenation that Sarah implements in her practice address the entire individual’s ~mind•body•soul~ using body acupuncture points as well as facial acupuncture points. From the standpoint of Traditional Chinese Medicine the treatment balances the Qi (energy), blood, yin and yang of the individual; thereby improving overall health and well-being. Your health is reflected in your face.

Looking at facial acupuncture from the modern medical perspective the results can be explained with words we are all more familiar with:
Acupuncture needles cause ‘micro-traumas’ to the skin. The body perceives this as an injury needing repair and sends fibroblast cells to the acupuncture site to heal the skin. These cells produce collagen and elastin. This would explain why the skin tone improves and how it feels more elastic/supple and you see sagging ‘lift’.

The Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Your facial rejuvenation experience will start very similar to traditional acupuncture visits with an in-depth discussion to determine your wellness goals. You will look at your reflection with Sarah and pin point your areas on concern. A “before” picture will be taken to go into your private medical record. You will be asked many questions about your lifestyle and bodily functions. This helps paint a picture of the disharmony in the body that can be the cause of premature aging, puffiness, dark eyes, and pigmentation for example.

Then the pampering begins! As you rest your tired feet over smooth rocks, Sarah will pour warm water over them infused with Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils. As you relax, your pulse and tongue will be examined, a part of traditional Chinese medicine. This helps to identify the underlying Chinese disharmony and appropriate acupuncture points specific to your needs.

Then you get to lie back and relax! You will never need to worry about getting cold!
You will first receive a body acupuncture treatment.

After those needles are placed, your oriental facial begins! Each skin care product is individually chosen and has been formulated with unique Chinese herbal preparations. The skin is first cleansed with a goat-milk-based cleanser followed by a gentle exfoliant. Next a Chinese paper mask soaked in herbs is laid on the face and covered by a warm gel compress. This is removed by a hot towel.

Now your face is prepared for facial acupuncture.

Each individual will experience different durations of needle retention. The face needles may be pulled in as little as 3 minutes or as long as 20.

During the facial component of this treatment the body’s acupuncture points remain in the skin to continue to work their magic!

Once the facial needles are removed a firming mask mixed fresh from an organic egg is applied to the face.

This is also removed with a warm towel infused with lavender essential oil.

The facial rejuvenation treatment’s grand finale is the facial massage! Cooling and relaxing, you will feel yourself sink deep into the table!

Body needles are removed and the body is awakened with a quick Tuina massage. The skin is then toned and a moisturizer applied.

Essential oils finish off this amazing facial, leaving your skin feeling firm, looking radiant and your mind soothed and relaxed!

Cosmetic Acupuncture to rejuvenate your face. Reduce wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, dark circles and bags under eyes (10 treatments). Like a facelift. $39 / treatment
Acupuncture to balance your body and improve your health. Targeted organs: spleen / liver / heart / lung / colon / kidney. $39 / treatment